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"'The American Dream'; 'cause you have to be asleep to believe it"
George Carlin

My display is themed around a New York suburb located towards the east of central New York, served by the fictional "New York Harbor Railroad" in the 1930s/40s, in the tail end of the great depression and start of WW2.

The true origin of the railroad is lost to time, but it transpired in one of two ways;

1. the local government were concerned with certain railroads dominating local delivery and river transfer/rail barge operations, mandating a independent (but with stock held by 'parent' local railroads) should proffer these services; or

2. local business owners, requiring their own connection, founded their own shortline to serve their requirements for local freight delivery and cross-river rail barge operations.

The layout features a mixture of standard and street running, industrial spurs, and when complete, a rail barge float.

Freight trains will have to dodge the trolleys/interurbans serving passengers, including moving their trains out the way, along with ensuring they block the minimum road area.

Above: The WIP layout was displayed/operated during Black Country Brick Show 2022.

Below: the proposed "continual running" design

As of August 2023 the layout was redesigned entirely for the new P40R turnouts from FX Bricks (below). You can find out more on this YouTube video.

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